“So, what you are saying is that you want this old tiny print to become a wall mural?”

“Sure” I said, “OK, no problem. We have the tools and the talent, bring it on!”

And thanks to my newly renamed retoucher, Merlin, we were able to pull this off. Great job, Pat!

This project, commissioned by the Lisle-Woodridge Fire District, we created a 134″x104″ wall mural from a 4″x2″ 1940 something, “well-loved” print. Scanning at 2400dpi almost matched the 100dpi needed, perfectly, for a mural of this size. Then a few hours clean up, then formatting it to the wall size by adding sky and ground. The final installation was made with three 45″ panels with a lustre-laminated vinyl. Notice the dollar bill in the bottom left-hand corner of the top right image…sure looks tiny…

And, on the opposing wall, there are five custom recreations of the LWFD history of patches. These were installed a couple weeks prior. And now, with both sides completed, really adds a nice upgrade to gray painted walls. Thanks James and the rest of the LWFD for this opportunity.

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