Power posters are team pictures with attitude. Each Power Poster team photo is custom designed by our graphic designer with your team name and league and then brought to life with colorful graphics. They are available for high school, middle school or youth league teams.

Power Posters are available in a multitude of formats including:

  • Power Poster: 10" x 24" printed on metallic paper (quantity discounts for 5 or more)
  • Power Blanket: 50" x 60" velveteen plush blanket. Durable & machine washable
  • Power Team Banner: 3' x 6' vinyl banner. Sturdy & weatherproof
  • Power Team Cling: (6') Peels & sticks to most surfaces, indoors or out
  • Power Mouse Pad: Standard size 7" x 9" mouse pad constructed of high-density rubber. Stands up to wear & tear
  • Mini-Metallic Power Poster: Approx. 4.2" x 10" mini Power Poster printed on metallic photo paper

Requests to have power posters taken should be made prior to your school or league's team picture day.

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